How to Use the ITT Tech Student Portal

The ITT Technical Institute is a technical institution that has more than 130 campuses spread all over the United States, specifically, in 38 states. This institution is owned and managed by the ITT Educational Services, a company that is based in Carmel Indiana. In order to give their students a convenient way to access their educational resources, they came up with the ITT tech student portal.

ITT Tech Student Portal

What Can You Find at the Student Portal?

The moment you access the link of the student portal, which you can access by typing in its URL,, you will be taken to the log in page of the website. On this page, you will be asked to choose on whether you are a faculty or employee of the institution or if you are a student. After you have chosen your selection, you will need to log in, under the section that says “Sign in below”. On this section, you will need to key in your network login as well as your password and after that you, need to click on the “Log On” link.

Using the ITT Tech Student Portal

If you are a student, then you will need to choose the option that says “student” on the section that says “I am logging in as”. But before you can log in, you will have to choose something on the “Security” section, which is either:

• This is a public or shared computer
• This is a private computer

The reason why you need to identify where you are using the computer from when accessing the ITT Tech student portal is for the website to keep your account fully secured. The network login of the students is their eight digit student ID number which can be found on the student’s class schedule. The password initially is the student’s date of birth, in the format of mm-dd-yyyy. You must include all four digits of that year you are born. As soon as you log on to the portal, you will be able to check your grades as well as your class schedule by clicking on the option that says “MY ITT TECH”. You will need to click on the tab that says “Resources” and you can then proceed to the download center in order to obtain a copy of the Microsoft Office 2007 for your computer. The virtual library is also found on the same tab.

Accessing the ITT Student Email

The students can also access their email account through the ITT Tech student portal. In order to log on to their email account, they will need to provide their ITT email address and that is also located on the class schedule. The password is the combination of the student’s birth date as well as the first six digits of the student’s last name. As soon as you are able to log in, you will then be asked to key in a new password as answer to the security question in order to safeguard your account. As soon as you are done, you will then be asked to log in to the ITT Tech student portal once again, using the new password.

ITT Tech Online Programs

ITT Tech Online ProgramsOnline education programs, like ITT Tech online programs, are now a popular way to learn college-level work away from campus. It allows students many opportunities to fulfill their educational goals when they can’t attend school in a traditional classroom. There are many institutions with offline campuses now offering online courses or programs for students who wish to enroll. ITT Tech is perhaps the most well known.

Why ITT Tech online programs?

ITT Tech online programs provide students a quality education experience right from the comforts of their own home. ITT Tech knows that on-campus and traditional courses don’t exactly meet the needs of most students. It’s because many people commonly get sidetracked by their other commitments that can take time away from their valuable time in school.

Are ITT Tech online programs right for you? If you’re a busy soon-to-be student, ITT Tech online programs offers several opportunities. Students have 24-hour access to their coursework all week, making it incredibly convenient for busy students to attend. It also lets students experience courses they may have not considered taking at a traditional on-campus class—not to mention, also further developing their motivational and goal-setting skills.

What to expect

ITT Tech online programs take place over a six to eleven week term, though the average term lasts about 12 weeks. Most students complete their daily coursework throughout 12 to 15 hour days on average. The online programs commonly features an instructor who leads their group of students throughout their assigned course content.

They post lessons, encourage class discussions and later assign projects for students to complete on their own time. Classes start and end during their designated time periods, coupled with the usual deadlines for both assignments and exams.

The previously mentioned structure allows students to complete their work on their own time. They can access the course work at any time they wish. The course work itself generally consists of text and graphics based lecture material, which includes PowerPoint slides and lessons in other formats. Students also receive additional textbooks and CD-ROMs.

Are ITT Tech online programs comparable to traditional courses?

ITT Tech online programs aren’t necessarily easier or harder than traditional courses. In fact, ITT Tech considers their online programs equivalent to that of traditional courses. Online learning at ITT Tech is a commitment for the student who chooses to enroll. The current ITT Tech online programs are fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools or ACICS, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Availability of ITT Tech Jobs

There are quite a number of ITT Tech jobs available to people who want to be part of the ITT Tech Institute. Because the school has many technical institutes – over 130 located in over 35 states, not to mention the online programs that are being held online – there are several jobs that need to be filled on a regular basis.

Why ITT Tech Jobs are Always in Demand

ITT Tech JobsITT Tech jobs are always available because the ITT Tech Institute is tirelessly developing the quality of teaching and the facilities that are being used to provide higher learning to the students. Because of the continuous improvement of the online learning program of ITT Tech Institute, ITT Institute tech jobs are always offered to those who are competent enough to provide quality teaching to students.

ITT Tech Jobs

• Business

There are a lot of ITT Tech jobs available to individuals who have knowledge in teaching business. Some of the positions available are for individuals aspiring to be one of ITT Tech Institute’s members are Financial Aid Specialist, Business Accounting Instructor and Financial Aid Coordinator.

• Information Technology

There are also jobs waiting for individuals who are quite knowledgeable in Information Technology. Some of the job titles that are available for Information Technology experts are Information Security Systems Instructor, Computer Networking Instructor and Computer Drafting and Designing Instructor.

• Criminal Justice

Individuals who are good in teaching criminal justice courses can apply for ITT Tech jobs that are available at the institute. One of the jobs available for qualified applicants is Criminal Justice Instructor.

Applicants must be knowledgeable in their chosen fields to apply for ITT Tech jobs. They should also possess all of the requirements to be able to be considered for the position that they are applying for. Most of the requirements are Master’s degree in the field of their choice and years of experience working for the same position as the one that they are applying for.

Available Options for an ITT Tech Student Portal Online Course

The ITT Tech student portal online course is provided to students who want to earn degrees but are unable to attend classes on campuses. This online course is provided for students who want to gain a diploma and continued education – associate, bachelor, master and doctoral.

ITT Tech Student Portal Online Course

ITT Tech Online Courses

ITT Tech student portal online course options are as follows:

Information Technology

Students can get associate’s and bachelor’s degree on Information Technology when they choose to study and get an ITT Tech student portal online course. Some of the degrees that students can earn from ITT Tech online learning are BS Information Systems and Cybersecurity, BS Project Management, BS Information Systems Security, AAS Network Systems Administration, AAS Computer Forensics and AAS Information Systems Administration.


ITT Tech student portal online course options that students can get are bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in business. Some of the degrees that ITT Tech students can get from studying online through the online learning portal are BS Accounting, BS Management, BS Project Management and Administration, BS Finance Option, BS Business Accounting Technology, AAS Accounting, AAS Business Accounting Technology and AAS Business Administration.

Criminal Justice

Another great ITT Tech student portal online course is Criminal Justice. Students who are seeking degrees in criminal justice can enroll at the school’s online learning program and get their diploma after they have completed the course that they have selected. Some of the degrees that ITT Tech student portal online course offers are BS Criminal Justice, BS Criminal Justice – Cybersecurity, AAS Criminology and Forensic Technology, AAS Paralegal, AAS Criminal Justice and AAS Paralegal Studies.

ITT Tech student portal online course options that are mentioned above are all available at ITT Tech student portal online learning. Students can get a degree by just enrolling at the online learning program and attend the online courses without going to the campus.

ITT Tech Student Login Security

There are two kinds of ITT Tech student login pages – the one that is provided for both students and faculty members and the one that is available for students only. The first login page is an online portal for faculty members and students who want to interact with one another and access their emails. This website is also provided to help students check their class schedule and to have access to the school’s library.

The second ITT Tech student login is for students who are logging in to their online classes. This is the place where online classes take place.

ITT Tech Student Login

ITT Tech Student Logins

Both login pages are secured. Students and faculty members can login to their accounts quite easily; they only need to provide their Network Login and their Password for the first login page and the Student PIN and Password for the second login page.

Security First Login Page

The student/faculty portal has an option where students and employees may select if they are logging in using a public computer or a private one. This helps in the security of the information that is being transacted on the website or portal.

SSL Certificate

The first ITT Tech student login page is also protected with EV SSL certificate, which adds to the security of the transaction of the users. This feature encrypts the information that is being transacted inside the website such as the login information of the faculty members and the students

Security of Second Login Page

The second ITT Tech student login is only provided for students and the function of the website is different from the first one so the option is not really needed. This is where the students can log in to attend their online classes.

The students will experience an on-campus approach when they choose to use the ITT Tech student login service provided by ITT Tech.

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